Vantrunk Extreme Cable Management



As the first company in the United Kingdom to manufacture and supply cable ladder products with over 50 years of experience we continue to Thrive in Extreme Environments.

Environments such as the North Sea, the Middle East, Kazakhstan, Australia and Brazil’s pre-salt fields, where Vantrunk has been selected to supply its cable management and supports systems.

Further applications have been in the Petrochemical and Liquefied Natural Gas Industries as an authority on Cable Management in Extreme Environments including the recent Singapore Parallel Trains major LNG installation.

Expert Knowledge

Given the nature of these critical requirements, our team not only supplies but, as an authority in the “extreme environment” consults with the main engineering houses regarding suitable materials and technical design choice that will meet their needs. Since becoming part of the Unitrunk Group in July 2000 and benefiting from Unitrunk’s 9300m² manufacturing facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland we have continued to ‘lead the charge’.

Quality, innovation and a desire to deliver excellent cable management solutions is at the core of our business whilst excellent service is at the heart of our team.


Vantrunk’s cable management solutions have been designed to stand up to a variety of extreme natural climatic and environmental conditions affecting corrosion, temperature variation (-50° to +50°C) and seismic elements. Therefore allowing them to ‘thrive in extreme environments’ such as the Kashagan Field, Kazakhstan located in the Northern Caspian region.